Thursday, August 27, 2009

In Their Words

The 2009 VP Fuels E. T. Bracket Racing Series is in the books and the champions have been crowned in each class. Today we hear from Greg Dillman on the season.

What does it mean to win the class championship?
Now days, it's a pretty big accomplishment. With the quality of drivers and cars out there anymore, it's just hard to win a single round let alone a race or championship.

With this being such a long season what all needs to go right to end up on top at the end of the year? Luck! Everyone needs to have those 1 or 2 lucky rounds to get them by to the next round. Sometimes you've just got to create your own Luck. I know I've had my fare share this year.

Was there a time this year where you didn’t think you were going to pull it out?
Probably after the 2nd to last points race. Going out in the 1st round and watching Danny and Eddie go deep into the late rounds and pass me in points was hard to swallow. It's never a easy feeling having to wait a couple weeks and having to rely on mother nature that it doesn't rain just so you have 1 last chance to go more rounds than the people ahead of you.

How nerve racking was it going into the last race down by one point?
Pretty nerve racking. I've been fighting a engine miss for the last couple months and haven't been able to trace it down. Going into the last race and dealing with engine/electrical issues is not something you want going into the last day. But it all worked out.

Was this the first class championship you won and if not how many have you won?
My first championship was back in '93 or '94 when Jr Dragsters started. Since then, I've also won in Street, Pro, and S/Pro.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?
Parents, Dana & kids, Automotion Race Cars, Camping World, and Quinlan Automotive.