Friday, April 15, 2011

Now what should I bring with me????

For me, one of the biggest challenges in going to an event or facility for the first time is knowing what I’m allowed to bring. Below are some helpful hints and tips on what to bring and what to make your visit to Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis more enjoyable. If you see ‘a must have’ we missed or have a question about feel free to drop us a note!

Parking information - Enter the facility off of U. S. Highway 136 and you will be directed to our parking lots. For most events parking in the facility parking lots is the shortest walk to your seats.

Facility Map – Be sure to download a facility map for your visit to the facility. Click here for maps for the different events.

Comfortable shoes – Many events involve walking from the parking lots to your seating section so wear comfortable shoes to get to the grandstands.

Sunscreen – Protect yourself from the summer rays!

Blanket – If you are taking in an oval race on the world famous Grass Hill in Turn 1 be sure to bring a blanket to spread it out and sit on it during the event.

Bag chair - If you are taking in an oval race on the world famous Grass Hill in Turn 1 be sure to bring a bag chair to sit on during the event. Please note you can’t bring a chair into the reserved seating area or any of the grandstands.

Earplugs – Protect your hearing during the event.

Radio Scanner – For many events you can listen to the drivers as they communicate with their crew members

Cooler – Cooler size is 14x14x14, no glass bottles are allowed.

Food – You are able to bring in food and snacks with you into the events.

Cash – While there are ATM’s for many events it is a good idea to have cash for purchases.

Cell phone – There are no pay phones at the facility so be sure to bring your cell phone.

Sweatshirts – Temperatures cool off quickly when the sun goes down so be sure to bring an extra layer of clothes to ward off a chill.

ChapStick – Being in the sun and wind can take a toll on your lips so be sure to bring a tube of ChapStick.

Sharpie and autograph book – For many events there is an autograph session that takes place prior to the race so be sure to bring a sharpie and autograph book to get autographs from your favorite drivers.

We hope this helps your planning and we can't wait to see you during the course of the season!